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Our goal is to establish uniform standards for the treatment and dispersal of wastewater through the proper use and installation of onsite wastewater (septic systems) in Kansas. KSFA strives to provide pertinent education and training opportunities for industry professionals, and others interested in the onsite wastewater industry. With an ever changing industry, KSFA works for you to keep you abreast of new technologies. KSFA is your voice in Kansas for the onsite wastewater industry. We also encourage all industry professionals to carry a national certification through the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).

The onsite industry is facing challenges and will continue to do so in the future.  It is almost a necessity for there to be a way for members of the industry to be continually educated.  Technological advances are made with frequency, and in order to serve the public in the most cost effective and efficient way possible, industry professionals must know the latest developments.  Advancing your education not only better serves your customers, but also can help you get a step above competitors.

Consumers tend to be poorly educated in regards to their needs in this industry and will believe what information they are given.  It is your responsibility to give the customer the best service possible.  Without good service, consumers will turn away from the industry or they will pay for someone else to come in and take business from you.  Reasons to join us as a member.